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Interior Design - 90 minute Design Consultation $395
Further work required will be charged at an hourly rate.

You may be thinking of building or renovating but have no idea where to start. Planning is key. Bringing a professional on board in the early stages saves time and costly mistakes. Colour Hub's goal is to diminish the uncertainty and make the process of building or renovating enjoyable, exciting and to run as smooth as possible. This service covers all areas of Interior Design & Decoration including space planning, materials & finishes, fittings & fixtures, paint colour schemes, custom joinery design, lighting plans, furniture & accessories.
The initial consultation is a great way to get to know one another, discuss the clients project scope, review plans and ideas that may of been saved on Pinterest boards or photo galleries and get the ball rolling on the design.
Colour Hub will then come back with an obligation free fee proposal. As every project is unique in it's requirements, a detailed quotation will be provided, outlining all the key areas that will be worked on and the hours required to complete the design. 
Colour Hub provides a genuine service, no matter the size or budget of a project.

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Interior Consultation (Paint Only) - 1 hour $350 /  Exterior Consultation (Paint Only) - 1 hour $350

Colour Hub offers colour consultations for both interior and exterior paint schemes. Both consultations are priced at $350 each.
This includes a 1 hour site visit where your likes, dislikes, requirements, style and the overall feel that you are wanting to achieve will be discussed. Colour Hub will then come back to you with a recommended colour palette, detailed colour schedule and A4 sized brush outs that can then be passed onto the painting contractor. If further assistance is required in the sourcing and the selection exterior finishes such as bricks, stone cladding, timber cladding etc, Colour Hub can most definitely assist.
This add on service will be charged at an hourly rate.

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Refresh your home ready for sale - 90 minute Consultation $395

Are you just about to put your house on the market but are needing some advice on how to give your home a little refresh first? In this consultation you will be given advice as to what is important when selling your home. There may be a little work needed before it goes on the market. Colour Hub will discuss a budget, outline work that involves trades, work that you can do yourselves and provide tips on decorating, decluttering & tidying up. This advice could make the world of difference in making your home more desirable to potential buyers. Colour Hub will come back with a written report of all areas discussed and the work required to get the space/s ready for sale.
A quotation will be provided if any further assistance is required by Colour Hub.

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Let's get it sorted - 90 minute Consultation $395

So you have a pretty good idea of the style that you want to go with. You have done hours of research on Pinterest which has helped you visualise your design and choose your colour pallet. You might think that you have a good grasp on things until it is time bringing your ideas together. Making the final decisions can be quite daunting and overwhelming. In this consultation Colour Hub will look at your ideas and will work with you to fine tune your design and selections.  If you have questions or concerns with your project, this is the time to discuss them, so that you can start to get the ball rolling. After this meeting, Colour Hub will come back to you with a
detailed report of what has been discussed, ideas and any changes to be made.
If required, you will also be given trade contacts and a list of recommended suppliers. 
Any further assistance require will be charged at an hourly rate.